Dental Bonding

Woodmen Views Dental is a premier source for Dental Bonding in Colorado Springs, and we’re always happy to tell residents more about the benefits of this treatment. Dental bonding is a procedure that can help restore one or more teeth after an injury or provide you with a brighter, more even smile.

Bonding is most common in cosmetic procedures. It’s an especially good alternative to orthodontic treatments, as it costs less and takes only about 30 to 60 minutes per tooth. The procedure is usually simple and pain-free; our dentist will shape and mold a material called a resin to your affected tooth, using a special liquid to condition the tooth and a curing light to harden the resin. 

If you have a natural gap between two teeth, otherwise called diastema, our Colorado Springs dentist can create a tooth-colored resin to apply to both teeth. This will alter the size of the teeth and fill in the gap. We’ll use a shade guide to select the most accurate matching color possible.

Our composite resins are even used as fillings for cavities and are durable as well as aesthetically pleasing. They also do not present health concerns like silver amalgam fillings do (namely, mercury exposure).

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 If you decide to have a cavity filled with this resin, dental bonding will be involved in the operation. We’ll also provide local anesthesia to maintain your comfort levels during this procedure. Our resin can also stop the spread of tooth decay. Since it is bonded to the enamel rather than packed in, as with silver amalgam, it can strengthen the tooth as a result.

​Hiding Chips and Cracks

With dental bonding, Our Woodmen Dentist can also hide imperfections like chips and fractures. Whether your tooth was injured after a traumatic fall, while you were playing sports, or while biting on hard foods, we’ll address your specific needs. If you’ve retained the chip that was broken off, our clinic could simply bond that back to the rest of the tooth. Bonding will also conceal cracks and prevent infection.

​Addressing Gum Recession

As gums recede, the yellow dentin is exposed; as a result, you may experience more tooth sensitivity. With ​bonding​, we can protect the roots from the threat of cavities; it should be noted, though, that this will not alter the gums.

Hiding Intrinsic Stains

Intrinsic stains are usually caused by hereditary conditions or by internal bleeding, and thus cannot be removed through teeth bleaching. We can cover these through dental bonding without having to grind down the enamel, as with other cosmetic products like dental veneers.

​Hiding Chips and Cracks

Resins can last for years to come, but if you ever need them touched up, you can visit Woodmen Views Dentistry. Extrinsic stains, caused by things like coffee, wine, and tobacco, will stain the resin over time. Also, resins are not as strong as porcelain products like veneers and Dental Crowns, so they may break when eating hard candies or other foods that are tough on teeth.

For Dental bonding in Colorado SpringsCall us today! Our dentist can explain the procedure in more depth once we know more about your Dental and overall health.

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