Dental Fillings

Many people over a certain age remember going to the dentist for a filling or two or three. Our staff at Woodmen Hills Dentistry knows they weren’t fun then, and they still aren’t, but we prefer to give dental fillings in Colorado Springs to having to fix a tooth whose pulp and root have been destroyed by decay.

A filling is simply a way to fix a tooth that has been damaged by decay. This happens because the bacteria in the mouth feed on the sugar on the teeth, and release acid as a by-product. The acid eats into the enamel of the tooth, and the result is a spot of decay that often grows over time. This is why it is important to have regular check-ups. Our Woodmen Hills dentist is able to tell whether the patient has a cavity that needs to be filled. Nowadays, they can even detect a spot on the tooth that may be a sign that decay is in offing, and fix it before it starts to eat away at the enamel.

When a person comes in for dental fillings Woodmen Hills, the dentist removes the decay then cleans out the cavity. They then fill the cavity with a variety of materials. These include:

  • Amalgam, or silver fillings. These inexpensive fillings are durable, but they are dark. They are used on the back teeth.
  • Gold dental fillings Woodmen Hills are both biocompatible and beautiful. However, gold fillings are pricey, and the patient has to make more than one trip to the dentist to be fitted for them. This is because they are made to order in the lab and need to be cemented into the cavity.
  • Porcelain fillings are also made in a lab. When they are ready, they’re bonded to the patient’s teeth. Technology has made it possible to make the fillings match the color of the patient’s tooth exactly. Like gold, porcelain inlays or onlays do cost, and the patient needs to make more than one trip to the dentist to get them.
  • Composite resin can also be made the same color as the patient’s tooth. They are put directly into the cleaned out cavity and allowed to cure. They are best for small cavities. Unlike porcelain, they are not stain-resistant.

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Though a filling allows the tooth to resume it’s task of helping the patient eat and speak properly, it needs to be taken care of. The patient needs to learn how long it takes for their filling to harden before they can go back to eating regular foods. Even after the filling hardens, the tooth may still be sensitive to very hot or cold foods for a time. The patient should still brush and floss every day and should not grind their teeth or try to open jars, bottles or other hard to open objects with their teeth. These actions can damage the fillings. Of course, the patient needs to keep their dental appointments, and come in for regular cleaning and check-ups.

For more information about dental fillings in Colorado Springs, don’t hesitate to set up an appointment at Woodmen Views Dentistry. Call (719) 358-6998.

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