Dental Implants

Have a Beautiful Smile With Natural-looking Dental Implants 

If you have one or more missing teeth, then Colorado Springs dental implants are a great way to improve the appearance of your smile. Dental bridges and partial dentures can feel uncomfortable inside your mouth, but a dental implant looks and feels like a natural tooth! In order to have dental implants, you need a professional examination with medical images to determine if you have healthy alveolar bones in your mouth. If you have strong bones in your mouth, then it is possible to have Dental implants in Colorado Springs right away. 

Improve the Condition Of Your Jawbone and Alveolar Bones 

When you don’t have healthy alveolar bones, it is possible to take medications that will improve the condition of the bones in only a few months to one year. Our Woodmen Hills dentist can prescribe oral bisphosphonates to increase the density of your jawbone and alveolar bones. Every few months, you can have another examination to determine if you are ready for a dental implant procedure. Dental implants are metal posts with screws that will hold customized dental crowns, and you will need anesthesia while the posts are inserted into your gums. Most dental implant posts are made of titanium, and the posts are inserted into the alveolar bone.

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Your Alveolar Bones Integrate With the Titanium Posts 

After a few weeks, additional bone begins to grow around each metal post in an osseointegration process. This process makes it possible for you to have dental implants that remain in the gums while you are chewing food. Our Woodmen Views dentist will place a screw on the top of each of the titanium posts, and the attractive dental crowns are attached to these screws. It isn’t necessary to remove the dental crown in order to brush or floss your teeth because you can find special toothbrushes and toothpaste for your daily oral hygiene.

Dental Crowns Look Natural Inside Your Mouth 

The crowns for dental implants are made to match the color of your natural teeth, or our dentist will select a color that looks nice with your skin tone and hair color. If your own teeth are discolored from food or tobacco stains, then we recommend a teeth-whitening procedure first. The crowns that are attached to the posts are designed with modern computer software, and these artificial teeth are strong enough for consuming most foods.

 Continue To Visit Woodmen Views Dentistry For Checkups 

In some cases, you may need to have Colorado Springs dental implants cleaned or repaired by our dentist, but he understands how to remove the crowns or screws safely. If you are taking proper care of your natural teeth and dental implants, then you will rarely have a problem, but you must continue to visit a dentist every six months to have an examination to find cavities in natural teeth or problems with gum disease. For more information about dental implants in Colorado Springs, call Woodmen Views Dentistry today.

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