​If you’ve been told by your dentist in Colorado Springs that you or your child have a misaligned bite, you now have an option besides the braces that some folks hate and others use as fashion statements. That option is called Invisalign.

Invisalign is a system of trays custom-made for the patient. They are changed every few weeks as the patient’s teeth are slowly straightened. 

A patient wears Invisalign for around the same amount of time they would wear traditional braces, and the costs of both types of orthodontics is comparable. But Invisalign has the advantage of being able to be easily removed by the patient.

The implications of this one ability to remove Invisalign is great. Unlike a person who wears braces, the patient who wears Invisalign does not have to pay meticulous attention to their dental hygiene. They do not need to use the special toothbrushes that patients with braces sometimes use to make sure they reach the spaces between brackets and wires. Invisalign users can eat whatever they wish, while patients who wear braces have to forego foods that are crunchy or sticky. Since braces need to be worn for as long as two years, patients may become tired of this regime of special dental hygiene and avoiding their favorite foods. This is a special risk for younger patients and is one reason why patients who wear braces need to visit their orthodontist at Woodmen Views Dentistry.

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The control that Invisalign gives to patients may make them more willing to wear them, and the trays should be worn for 23 hours a day to be effective. Though patients may feel pressure when the tray is first fitted, Invisalign is comfortable to wear. This is in contrast to the chafing and irritation that can accompany traditional braces. 

Another benefit of Invisalign is that the trays are made of clear, smooth plastic and cannot be seen at a distance. This is also an incentive to wear them, and as the trays are changed the patient can see that their teeth are indeed coming into alignment.

The fact that they don’t have to visit the dentist in Colorado Springs as frequently as they would have to if they wore braces also attracts orthodontic patients to Invisalign.

There is a risk that the ease of wearing Invisalign might make a patient, especially a young one, leave the tray out for longer than they should. However, this is outweighed by the benefits of following the Invisalign schedule.

For more information about Invisalign in Colorado Springs, call to set up a consultation at Woodmen Views Dentistry, your smile will thank you!

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