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When you have stained or yellowed teeth, you can call our Woodmen teeth cleaning dentistry practice for assistance. A dingy smile can ruin your entire facial appearance, leading to constant embarrassment when you are at work or attending social events. Teeth cleaning in Colorado Springs services are available from Woodmen Views Dentistry where our dentist understands how to remove difficult stains and plaque from your dental enamel. First, we recommend a complete dental examination to determine if your teeth and gums are healthy enough for a teeth-whitening treatment. Our dental examinations include cleaning your teeth to remove dangerous hardened plaque. 

A Dental Hygienist Removes Hardened Plaque From Your Teeth 

When you have cavities, our dentist will repair a tooth with a metallic or tooth-colored filling. If you have gingivitis, then you require treatment for this condition before you can have professional dental enamel whitening. Our Woodmen dental hygienist will clean your teeth with instruments to remove a buildup of plaque before our dentist whitens your teeth. Not only does removing plaque help to prevent halitosis, cavities or gingivitis, but also, removing the bacteria-filled plaque make it easier to eliminate the ugly discolorations on your teeth. 

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​Plaque Develops Between Your Teeth and Along the Gums 

In most cases, our patients don’t require anesthesia while they are having their teeth cleaned, but we can provide a small dose of gas when the process is painful. If you have been brushing your teeth correctly at least twice a day, then you probably won’t have a buildup of plaque. However, despite brushing or flossing, food or beverage debris can collect and harden between your teeth and along the gums. When you have teeth that are close together, you are more likely to have plaque because it is difficult to remove debris from the tight spaces between your teeth.

The Dental Hygienist Uses Small Metal Instruments 

The dental hygienist typically uses small metal instruments to scrape away the bacteria and debris, but she may also have mechanical devices to remove hardened tartar. You may have a buildup of plaque without realizing it because the substance is often clear or pale yellow, making it difficult to see. However, if you have plaque, then you are more likely to develop dangerous gingivitis, bad breath and dental decay. After having a Woodmen dental hygienist clean your teeth, your gums and dental roots may become sensitive, making it difficult to drink beverages or chew food. You can also have a teeth-whitening procedure to eliminate stains. 

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Professional teeth cleaning in Colorado Springs is recommended by our dentist at least twice a year during your checkup, and you can combine the procedure with a teeth-whitening process. In most cases, a Woodmen teeth cleaning process is completed in one hour or less, and it is part of our dental office’s comprehensive examinations. To learn more about teeth cleaning and whitening,
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