Teeth Whitening

As a baby, your teeth begin to come in. These teeth are pearly white to start with. There are, however, factors that cause teeth to become discolored as you age. Those pearly whites become yellowed and can cause you to develop a complex about your smile. 

Causes of discoloration

One factor that affects your teeth is age. As you grow older, your teeth can become yellowed due to a lack of certain vitamins or minerals. Diet is another factor affecting teeth. Sodas, wine and coffee can cause teeth to become seriously stained. 

Smoking can cause the teeth to yellow and look dingy. There are also certain medications that can cause teeth to become discolored. Serious trauma is yet another factor that can affect the teeth. 

Teeth whitening in Colorado Springs

As a Colorado Springs resident, you want your teeth to look their best for those beautiful mountain excursions. Teeth whitening can bring back the beauty of your pearly whites in just a short time. You should consult with a professional dentist, however, before deciding on any whitening treatment. 

If you are looking for a dentist in Colorado Springs for teeth whitening services, Woodmen Views is a professional dental office with years of experience in teeth whitening. We create beautiful smiles at affordable pricing to fit most any budget. 

Types of teeth whitening

There are basically two main methods of teeth whitening. They are in-house and tray whitening. For immediate results, the in-house procedure is the way to go. Our Colorado Springs teeth whitening professionals will clean your teeth. Afterwards, we apply a protective gel to your teeth. We then apply a special light activated gel and use a laser light to enhance the gel. This procedure takes approximately an hour, and you are then sent home with instructions and gel to keep that smile. 

If you aren’t in such a hurry to get that white smile, the tray whitening procedure may be for you. This is an at-home whitening system. Our expert dentists in Colorado Springs will take an impression of your teeth. We then customize a tray for you and provide you with instructions for using the teeth whitening system at home. 

Teeth Whitening

Each of these methods has its own benefits. Laser treatment, for instance, only takes 2 to 4 treatments and takes 15 minutes to an hour per application. A dentist is also with you step-by-step throughout the whole process. 

Tray whitening benefits include using this method while you sleep and low yearly maintenance. You also receive an exact match to your dental structure. Either way, our Colorado Springs teeth whitening experts will give you proper instructions and guide you to proper use and that gorgeous white smile that you desire. 

​For professional teeth whitening in Colorado Springs, Woodmen Views Dentistry is the dental office to call. Phone us today and let us set up an appointment to bring that smile back you began with.​(719) 358-6998

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