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When you need emergency dentist in Colorado Springs Co, you can count on Woodmen Views Dentistry. Our dentist in Colorado Springs understands how to help patients with emergency problems such as a loose filling or toothache. While you usually need an appointment for visiting a dentist, when an emergency occurs, you can contact us right away for the problem. Emergency dental problems only get worse with time, and it is essential to visit a dentist as soon as possible to avoid serious issues such as an infection that spreads into the jawbone or the loss of a permanent tooth. 

Repairing a Chipped Tooth

Our Woodmen Hills dentist wants you to know what to do when a dental emergency occurs so that you can save a tooth. When you chip a tooth accidentally while eating hard food or from an injury while playing sports, stop what you are doing and contact us immediately. A small chip in a tooth’s dental enamel can weaken the entire tooth, and in addition, bacteria can enter the tooth easily, leading to an infection in the pulp or nerves. Our dentist in Colorado Springs will examine the tooth to determine if it is possible to repair it by polishing the chip or to understand if you need a dental restoration instead. 

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Performing a Root Canal

If you have a toothache, then don’t try to use home remedies to cope with the pain. A toothache is a sign that something serious is wrong with a tooth or its underlying structures. You may have a large cavity in a tooth that has reached its nerves, but our Woodmen Hills dentist can perform a root canal procedure right away to stop your pain along with saving the tooth. A root canal requires the removal of the tooth’s internal structures, including the nerves, but you are anesthetized throughout the process. After the top of the tooth is removed, the dentist will also remove the pulp and roots along with rinsing away any bacteria that is causing an infection. This tooth is filled with a durable waterproof resin, and our dentist will place a customized dental crown over the tooth to provide a sturdy biting surface.Saving a Dislocated Tooth 

Having a dislocated tooth from a sport or vehicular injury is one of the main reasons for needing emergency dental care in Colorado Springs. You can protect a dislodged tooth by inserting it back into your gum tissue without washing it. To avoid swallowing the tooth, you can also place the dislocated tooth in a lukewarm cup of water or a damp piece of cloth. In order to save a dislodged tooth, you should arrive at our dental office within an hour or less. A dentist understands how to remove the debris from the tooth before inserting it into the gum tissue and stabilizing it with wires or metal devices. Contact Woodmen Views Dentistry to learn more about our dental care services

Emergency dental services are needed any time there is trauma to the mouth that causes bleeding due to lacerations to the gums, or teeth that have been dislodged or fractured. As an emergency dentist, Woodmen Views Dentistry can treat urgent dental needs that result from an accident or even from biting on food that is too hard. When teeth are cracked, broken, or knocked out it requires immediate attention or there can be serious health complications. Our Emergency dentist in Colorado Springs will provide patients with the appropriate treatment and will be sensitive to their unique needs. 
Determining whether to seek Colorado Springs emergency dental care means assessing how damaged the teeth, gums, or mouth have been by the trauma. Colorado Springs emergency dental care should be sought immediately if there is bleeding from the mouth, severe pain, or any bulges, swelling, or knots on the gums. If you have been hit in the face or mouth and have loose, cracked, or missing teeth then seeking emergency care is necessary. 

​Emergency dentist in Colorado Springs can be contacted to treat any dental problem that requires immediate treatment in order to save a tooth, stop tissue bleeding, or relieve severe pain. Abscesses and untreated infections can not only cause extreme pain but can be life-threatening and should be dealt with immediately. Many types of accidents and trauma can result in cracked or fractured teeth. Severe cracks or teeth that are completely knocked out need an emergency dentist Colorado Springs. The tooth should be handled as little as possible before you take it to the dentist. It can be rinsed off if dirty, but do not scrub it because this may cause further damage. If the tooth cannot be held in the socket by biting on wet gauze or paper towel for the trip to the dentist it can be stored in a small container of milk or a lukewarm cup of water. 

​Cracked or damaged teeth can mean damage has occurred inside the tooth as well as outside. Colorado Springs emergency dental care should be contacted immediately. You can clean your mouth by rinsing with warm water. If there was trauma to your face then apply a cold compress to reduce swelling. If you are able to take acetaminophen for the pain but avoid aspirin. Aspirin can make it hard to stop any bleeding you may be experiencing. Do not apply painkillers to gums because it could burn the exposed tissue. Once you arrive at the emergency dentist office in Colorado Springs you will most likely have an x-ray to determine the extent of the damage. The dentist will then outline the next steps of your care which may include a root canal or possibly a dental crown depending on the injury. 
No matter the cause of the dental emergency Woodmen Views Dentistry has caring staff ready to help you through the ordeal. Accidents happen at all hours of the day and night and when you need an emergency dentist in Colorado Springs we are here to help. Remember that untreated dental trauma can lead to severe health issues later so early treatment is necessary.

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